Mod Corner - Brutal Half-Life

07 Dec 2015 05:33 934
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Brutal Half-Life is a mod inspired by Brutal Doom.
First beta release of Brutal Half-Life mod. Version 0.1

- Enemies dismemberment
- Custom gibs
- Kick attack added to push enemies away
- New weapons sound effects
- Duke 3d style '_zoo' map included to show the features
- New secondary attack for crowbar and glock
- Corpses can be mutilated
- 2 new weapons: m249 from Opposing Force and BFG tribute easter egg
- Some DOOM tributes on the gameplay
- Weapons, monsters and props can be covered with blood
- New blood sprites and decals
- Little improved AI
- New death animations
- Enemies can be burned (only skin in beta)
- New damage skills
- Changes in some weapon ammo capacity
- Enhanced effects, like explosions, smoke, light effects, etc
- And more...

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