How to Get a Public Accounting Big 4 Internship (Interviewing & Internship/ Entry Level Job Tips)

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Sharing my tips on how I got a job with the Big 4 right out of college, the things I did to get an interview, set myself apart from other college students and interviewing tips. Also, sharing advice on what it takes to be successful as an entry level person in the work force or as an intern.

These are just the things I've learned from others that I found to be successful and things I've learned through my own experience (and/or mistakes) during my career journey. I really hope it's helpful... this video is jam packed with tips so hopefully there's something useful :) And if there's anything I didn't address, please leave a comment & I'll be sure to get back to you. Thank you for watching!!! XO

How to get an interview:
2:11 When to start looking for a job in college.
2:26 What companies look for in a college student.
4:11 How to set yourself apart from other college students
5:42 Importance of networking
7:02 Resume tips & utilizing campus resources to critique
8:25 Accounting firm recruiting season & tips

Interviewing tips:
10:31 Preparing for an interview
12:35 Dos & don't while waiting to interview
13:25 Interviewing tips
14:52 Interview follow up tips

Internship Tips:
15:38 How to be successful during your internship or first job

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