4K Zen Garden 1 HR Static Nature Relaxation Video

31 Oct 2016 39:53 21
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Transform any TV screen into a calming, beautiful Zen garden with occasional Koi fish, falling leaves, and the sights & sounds of a trickling small waterfall with this 1-hour long static 4K Nature Relaxation video from some beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens. MORE INFO/LINKS:

Filmed on the Sony Alpha A7RII + GM 24-70mm f2.8 in 4K 30FPS.

ABOUT NATURE RELAXATION™: Nature Relaxation™ is a premium niche video brand producing ultra high definition nature videos designed for relaxation, ambiance, and holistic stress relief. Independently produced in San Diego by David Huting, Nature Relaxation™ videos sweep audiences on soothing, majestic journeys to the world's natural paradises, where viewers can relax and enjoy the positive health benefits which stem from an increased exposure to nature. The expansive collection features a wide array of styles, formats, and locations along with apps for all devices. Replace Your Worries With Wonder today at http://www.Nature Relaxation.com!

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