How to Disable the Galaxy S7 Always On Display

13 Jul 2018 01:16 0
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An Always-On Display isn’t anything new, but with older phones it wasn’t on all the time. With the Galaxy S7, the screen is on 24 hours a day. It’s worth noting that Samsung’s always on display technology is very efficient. In fact, Samsung claims it uses under 5% battery life over the course of an 8-10 hour work day. Thanks to the processor inside and the efficient Super AMOLED display technology, Samsung only turns on a small portion of the screen to show users this information. Others like the LG G5, turn on the entire screen, and uses about 1% every hour.

Users may be concerned about battery life, but this feature actually can save you a substantial amount of battery throughout the day. Samsung claims that based on studies the average user turns their phone on over 150 times a day. All of that takes battery. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge “AOD” feature uses roughly 5% in total throughout an entire day, and shares all the information most users typically look for when they quickly turn on their phone.

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