11/27/2016 - West Coast M5.0 (M4.9) earthquake - Forecast area hit - Oregon moving

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The West coast has been struck by a M5.0 (M4.9) earthquake inside the "silent zone" off the coast of Oregon (Northwest of California) - Southeast of the Cleft Segment along the Gorda Ridge which connects the Gorda Escarpment (Northern California into Eureka, CA) all the way up to the Juan De Fuca fault zone.

This location (and earthquake magnitude) was the topic of discussion for the past few days in the earthquake forecasts. We were watching for an upper M4.9 to M5.0 to strike off the coast somewhere between the Cleft Segment (coast of Oregon) into the Gorda Escarpment (Northwest California).

This is the exact location to be struck by the exact expected magnitude in the exact timeframe called for in which to watch for movement.

Latest West Coast video earthquake warning issued at 10pm Central time (1 hour prior to the M4.9 off the West coast): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnn0bwWC-0g

Warnings were issued in the 3 days prior to this event:






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