5 Biggest Snakes In The World

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The largest living snakes in the world, measured either by length or by weight, are various members of the Boidae and Pythonidae families. They include anacondas, pythons, and boa constrictors, which are all non-venomous constrictors. Here is my list of some of The Biggest Snakes In The World

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_snakes
List: Biggest Snakes In The World
05. The Giant Anaconda Found In Amazon River - Giant Anaconda in Brazil River
04. The Giant Snake of Mt. Tsurugi - Giant Snake
03. Medusa - The world's largest snake living in captivity and world's longest living snake
02. Giant Congo Snake - the largest snakes ever reported
01. Titanoboa - A giant killer snake
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