Lexington Steele: I've Smashed Around 5,000 Women Over My Career

04 May 2015 03:25 280
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http://www.vladtv.com - Lexington Steele recently chopped it up with VladTV, and the legendary vet was challenged to break down the number of films in which he has appeared, and the number of women with whom he has hooked up with.

Pondering the question of how many films he's appeared in, Lex eventually reveals the approximate sum total of scenes he believes he has under his belt: an impressive 5,000.

As Lexington discloses that he also believes he's slept with about 5,000 women, both in his profession and in his personal life, he says that number would be greater if he were able to do scenes with more white adult actors as opposed to only those who do interracial porn.

Check out the full clip to hear what all he has to say.

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