La Peur Bleue - Trailer

29 Jun 2019 01:46 1
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La Peur Bleue is a virtual reality experience that immerses you in my grandfather’s memoirs of the war. It lets you see World War 2 through the eyes of a child, taking you along with his fears and challenges at the time. Although it’s not an archive of the war or a picture of the past, it’s rather reminding us that World War 2 was also about the daily struggles and the oppression of certain human values. By focusing on specific, emotional moments from my grandfather’s past, you are given the opportunity to experience the context of the war and empathize with the emotions my grandfather felt. For a few minutes you’re to be taken in a foggy series of pictured memories that had a strong visual and auditory impact on him. The abstract nature of the environment allows you to focus on the emotions, but also to leaves space for interpretation to make your own connections and perception of the experience.

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