Ableton Live Tutorials - Automation #3 - Arrangement View | M1U3L11

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Hey guys, welcome back to Ableton Online, Unit 3 Lesson 11. We’re diving into automation part 3 and we’re gonna flip the script and jump from session view into arrangement view and work on some automation in arrangement view, okay.

So we have some scenes queued up with varying energy levels, it's really all we need. We don’t have to build out an entire song in session view in order to give a good transfer of song material, song parts over into arrangement view. So hope you guys remember all the way back in unit 1 how to transfer your semi-finished or semi completed, semi-solid composition from session view into arrangement view. In case you don’t remember, that’s a, okay; because we’re gonna do a quick refresher right now, okay.

So first thing’s first, I wanna go ahead and hit option command r to get rid of those return track, the bottom give some more room to operate here, some more screen real estate, okay. What I gonna do is, I'm gonna hold down the option key and click any disclosed triangle here, okay, and I'm just gonna go ahead and disclosed everything, okay.

The only thing that I wanna save for later is, I took this 1 box loop and I duped it out and did some stuff to it and then reimported it back into, opps, re-imported it back into session view here. So what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna delete that version of it, I'm gonna go ahead and start my loop race at bar 17 and I'm just gonna go ahead and get rid of all of this because I have a session erasion earlier on probably one of the earlier lessons here with all of this stuff. So I can, I can sleep in peace knowing that my sessions backed up just in case I wanna go back and grab anything I've done previously there, okay.

So I'm gonna go ahead and do is unloop this, start this at bar 17, okay. Go ahead and use my, opps, my command 3 and we make sure I'm not on my triplet grid. These things happen, okay, triplet grids off, I can't even see it so I'm gonna go ahead and make that wireless. So I can only get between these 4 bars sections and I'm gonna go even wider and make it between this. That would be 4 bar section, so I'm gonna go even wider and make it between this 8 bar sections here, okay, and in order to easily playback my session view material into arrangement view, I'm gonna go ahead and change my global quantize to 2 bars.

So I have more time to catch the next segment the next scene, okay. So I have between 23 and 25 instead of between 24 and 25 and I have between 31 and 32 instead of between 32 and 33. So I have a bit of extra time here, so I don't have to be Johnny on the spot with making sure that I'm right on time. I can just have a little bit more of fun with it and be a little more lax of playing these different scenes into arrangement view, okay.

So I'm gonna queue up scene 1, okay, and I'm gonna jump back over here and hit record. My 1 drum did not transfer over, it’s okay ‘cause I'm gonna go ahead and catch it the next one, repeat it. Remember transferring into automation or into arrangement view vary.

There we go, okay. I'm gonna go ahead and hit scene 2 now and I don't know if you can see this. Yes, you can. All of the automation that I have on these tracks that’s already there is being transferred in real time over to arrangement view from session view....

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