Major League 2 - Trailer

11 Aug 2013 01:38 0
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Golden Globe-winner Charlie Sheen (TV's "Two and A Half Men," "Wallstreet"), Tom Berenger ("Training Day," "Last of the Dogmen"), Emmy and Golden Globe-nominee Corbin Bernsen (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang," TV's "L.A. Law") and Golden Globe-nominee Dennis Haysbert (TV's "24," "Absolute Power") reunite in this sequel to the 1989 comedy hit, "Major League." When last we saw them, the Cleveland Indians had miraculously managed to win a national championship after a hilariously bad early season. Now the team is in disarray again as they slide back into their old ways, stumbling and bumbling toward yet another last-place finish. So the question re-emerges: Can the Indians go "all the way" again? #Trailer #WB

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