Fountain War Kickstarter: EVE Online player Grath Telkin

31 Oct 2015 11:28 17
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Fountain War Kickstarter Site:

The Fountain War book project brings bestselling author Jeff Edwards together with The Mittani Media and CCP in creating the first ever book about EVE Online based on real player experiences.

The resulting novel will be the first book of a completely new genre: sci-fi non-fiction.


On the afternoon of July 28, 2013, the armadas of interstellar empires clashed. Millions died. Billions destroyed. It might have happened in a fictional universe, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

This is the Fountain War. The war that changed gaming history.

A galactic firestorm that culminated in the largest single battle in gaming history, the Fall of 6VDT. It consumed the players of EVE Online, it astounded the worldwide gaming community and it commanded the attention of the mainstream press.

When Jeff Edwards, The Mittani Media and CCP Games decided to collaborate together to write a science fiction books based on the stories created in EVE Online, we knew that this would be only the first of many epic stories we would tell.

Hundreds of thousands of players remember this war like it was yesterday. Rather than allow those memories and fascinating narratives to fade, we’re going to immortalize those experiences by creating a world-class retelling of the Fountain War. A gut-wrenching thriller based on battle archives, in-game communications transcripts, and the testimonies of combatants from all sides of the conflict.

Combining the remarkable writing talent of Jeff Edwards with the strength and support of CCP Games and The Mittani Media, this book is destined to captivate science fiction, action, suspense, and military fiction fans everywhere.

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