Rabbit in Your Headlights

30 Apr 2008 03:55 6
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This was a music video project I had to put together, along with a few other classmates in my group, for my Composition II section, which was an experimental section this semester which we studied music as literature. One of the albums we discussed over this past semester was Radiohead's "OK Computer", and by the time we got to the music video project, and the motion to choose songs we had not covered in class was passed, I knew I just HAD to do an UNKLE song. It came down to "Lonely Souls" and "Rabbit in Your Headlights". I decided not to touch "Lonely Souls" because of its recent usage in the Assassin's Creed video game trailers, too many people would be familiar with it, and, with me being me, I had to choose something a bit more obscure. So I chose "Rabbit in Your Headlights". This is what came of it. I cut a bit of the song off at the end, it was long enough already, and because of my class schedule and my work schedule, and the annoying necessity to actually try to get sleep, this is what I made. I only had the camera for a week and was only able to do one night of shooting with "The Character". For what it is, I think it turned out well for me to have spent practically nothing on it. And yes, it was only made using Windows Movie Maker, so my effects were limited. Even still, here it is folks.

(Because I hadn't explained it earlier, the reason why Radiohead inspired me to do a video for UNKLE is because for this particular song, "Rabbit in Your Headlights", it was a collaborative work between UNKLE and Radiohead.)

(Also, note, I know that SOMEone SOMEwhere will make some smartass remark about the quality or content of this video being bad. Well, you know what, I don't care what you have to say. This was what I got from a week of planning, a night of shooting, and 3 hours of post production, and this was for a grade, not for everyone else's enjoyment. I merely uploaded this video to youtube for anyone who might have been interested, plus its bonus points on the final grade for it for uploading it to youtube.

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