xDelete - Control your xDrive with your Smartphone!

30 Oct 2018 00:12 17
xHP Flashtool Download
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xDelete Webshop: https://www.xdelete.app

xDelete lets you turn your xDrive On and Off within 30 seconds and will be available for E-Series BMW from end of 2018 on Google Play! No matter if Auto or Manual Transmission, you can put back the fun in your xDrive BMW within 30 seconds!

Get the best of both worlds from your BMW xDrive. Turn off xDrive and convert you car into a 100% RWD vehicle in Summer and turn it back on, when you need it!

By altering the application data within the xDrive controller, we are retaining full functionality of ALL systems in car. ABS, DSC, Power Steering, Auto Transmission etc.

All units will continue to work normally. No DTCs or shadow codes triggered and the vehicle stays fully diagnoseable at the dealer-ship.

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