Celestial Motion: a virtual dance experience – 360 video | Guardian VR

22 Jun 2018 06:34 21
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An immersive dance performance in virtual reality, Celestial Motion is inspired by the imagery of solar physics. Choreographed by Alexander Whitley and made in association with Sadler's Wells, the experience features 360-degree filming and motion-capture technology. The dancers are visualised both in human form and as other-worldly digital figures in a cosmic landscape, showcasing the choreography from a unique perspective.
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If you’re viewing on mobile, download the YouTube app for the full 360-degree experience. On desktop, you’ll need the latest version of your web browser.

To be fully immersed, download Celestial Motion via the free Guardian VR app for iOS and Android and watch it with a Google Cardboard headset. 

A fully interactive version of Celestial Motion (in which you can switch between the two worlds) is also available via the Guardian VR app on the Daydream VR platform.

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