2010 Factory 5 GTM For Sale

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2010 Factory Five GTM

VIN: AC236982MD

I’ve been staring at this car for weeks trying to figure out what it was modeled after; It appears to have the front end of a DB9, the rear end and motor of a Corvette, the roof of a McLaren and the overall appearance of a Noble M600. Whatever its aspirations are, this car is truly a rare creation done just right! Under the hood, or rather the trunk, is a Corvette LS6 5.7L V8 engine mated to a Porsche Getrag G50 5-speed manual transaxle. Take a seat inside this supercar and you’ll find racecar necessities such as Sparco racing seats with Sparco racing harnesses, a Momo quick-release steering wheel and an aftermarket short-throw floor shifter; however, you’ll also find creature comforts such as A/C and an aftermarket, large Pioneer display with an aftermarket sound system. Slide underneath the car and you’ll see lots of custom fabrication work done to the frame and plated body. You can also spot Corvette brake setups w/ drilled & slotted rotors and independent suspensions! This is truly a one of a kind supercar. Take a look at over 100 HD photos and our in-depth video for this Factory Five GTM!

Various documents and literature are included in sale!


LS6 5.7L EFI V8 Engine (#: 12561168)
- All Aluminum Block
- Casting Date: 2001
Porsche Getrag G50 5-Speed Manual Transaxle
- Ratio: 3.44:1
- Hydraulic Clutch
Front Independent Suspension
- Corvette Style
- Adjustable Spring & Shock Setup
Rear Independent Suspension
- Corvette Style
- Adjustable Spring & Shock Setup
- Front POWER Disc
- Rear POWER Disc
- Drilled & Slotted Rotors
- Custom Dual Exhaust w/ Catalytic Converters & No Mufflers
- Stock Heads (#: 145124013)
Key Components:
- *A/C*
- Custom Stainless Steel Intake Piping w/ cone Filters
- Custom TIG Welded Aluminum Radiator Overflow
- Nicely Detailed Engine Bay Area
- Cleanly Routed Wiring, Hoses & Lines
- Carbon Fiber LS6 Engine Cover
- Aluminum Plating Above Transaxle


Deep Black Gloss Paint Finish
Body Lines Look Great
Hood Fits Well w/ Fenders
Doors Fit Nicely w/ Fenders
Door Lips and Jambs Look Great
Huge Rear Spoiler Looks Great
Rear Diffuser
Dual Side Ram Air Scoops
Door Popper on Key Fob
Undercarriage Is In Great Condition
- Custom Frame Work
- Stainless Steel Protective Plating Throughout Underside
- Highly Detailed and Clean
Front Wheels: Forgiato 19”
Rear Wheels: Forgiato 20”
Front Tires: Toyo 235/35ZR19
Rear Tires: Toyo 345/25ZR20


Custom Black Interior
- Door Panels Are In Great Condition
- Corvette Door Open Mechanism
- Carpeting Looks New
- Headliner Looks Great
- Suede Upholstery Is Clean
- Custom Red Stitching Throughout Upholstery
Sparco Racing Bucket Seats w/ Sparco Racing Harness
Custom Center Console
Short-Throw Floor Shifter
Carbon Fiber Dash Gauge Display
Aftermarket Performance Gauges
Aftermarket Momo Quick Release Steering Wheel
Aftermarket Pioneer Display
Start/Stop Push Button
Power Locks
Power Windows

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