S. Korea blacklists ruling Workers' Party of Korea, key aides of N. Korean leader

02 Dec 2016 02:28 0
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South Korea has unveiled a new set of unilateral sanctions aimed at completely shutting off North Korea's foreign currency earnings.
Seoul also blacklisted the North's ruling Workers' Party and key aides of young leader Kim Jong-un.
Connie Kim reports.
South Korea was quick in turning the screw a little tighter on North Korea by announcing a new set of unilateral sanctions on the regime.
The announcement came less than 48 hours after the UN Security Council adopted its toughest resolution yet on Pyongyang for its nuclear test in September.
By supplementing the new UN resolution, Seoul is hoping to ratchet up the pressure on the North by another notch.

“South Korea has been playing a leading role for the U.S., Japan, Australia and the European Union to lay out their own unilateral sanctions...
in that Seoul has decided to impose another set of new unilateral sanctions in addition to the independent sanctions it imposed on March eighth."

South Korea's latest set of sanctions targets 35 new entities and 36 new individuals,... including the ruling Workers' Party of Korea... and two key aides to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un -- Workers' Party Vice Chairman Choe Ryong-hae and Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong-so.
China's Dandong Hongxiang Industrial Development,... accused of assisting the North's missile program, has also been added to South Korea's sanctions list, making South Korea the second country to blacklist the firm following the U.S.
In addition, clothing manufactured in North Korea and eleven more North Korean minerals -- including coal, steel and gold -- will be banned from coming into South Korea via a third country.
Also under the new set of sanctions, foreign vessels that have docked in North Korea will not be able to dock in the South for a year,... doubling the length of the entry ban from the previous announcement.
The list also prohibits blacklisted Individuals from a third country from entering Seoul... and bans re-entry for foreign missile experts who are currently lecturing at South Korean colleges if they have conducted activities that go against South Korea's national interest in the North.

While Seoul says the new sanctions are significant in that they expand its blacklist and raise awareness in the international community, there are concerns the list has also severely curtailed opportunities to mend inter-Korean relations in the future.
Connie Kim, Arirang News.

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