Brian Cant Look AWAY From Lois Unbuttoned Shirt

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Family guy Brian Cant Look AWAY From Lois Unbuttoned Shirt
peter has cool new friend called striker and after meeting him he dumps his old friends quagmire, joe and cleveland. striker convinces peter to do wing suit flying which is very dangerous. it results him crashing into a rock. now losing striker he attempts win back his old friends by jumping of the same cliff. brian attempts to stop peter but he is distracted lois unbuttoned shirt. peter attaching a go pro getting ready to jump but his friends stop him and they decide to be friends again but he slips and falls causing him to wing suit and he eventually gets the hang of it when he acicdentally hits a canadian goose 'Look out ey/ ehh' and then hits a tree and also a gets back of nickels thrown him 'nickels'. totes mcgoats

Episode info
Season 16
Episode 2
foxx in the men house

Part 1 Peter Finds His Childhood Best Friend
Part 2 Cleveland Has A Testicle On He's Elbow

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