GENERAL AND I 孤芳不自赏 (孤芳不自赏) – Trailer #5 | Starring Angela Yeung (Angelababy)

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GENERAL AND I 孤芳不自赏 (孤芳不自赏) | Starring Angela Yeung (Angelababy) and Wallace Chung | January 2nd on DramaFever!

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General and I - 孤芳不自赏 (孤芳不自赏)

Starring Angela Yeung (Angelababy) and Wallace Chung

Angela Yeung (Angelababy from Running Man International Movie) and actor-singer Wallace Chung star in a period romance that proves love conquers all, including the hate between rivals. Bai Ping Ting (Angelababy) has lived in a man’s world. A maid for the Marquess of Jing An, she is told that a woman’s virtue is ignorance. But, as someone who lives a better life than most wealthy women and has the wisdom to surpass any man, Bai Ping Ting has never believed in such sayings. Her genius has earned her the nickname “female Zhu Ge,” after the legendary strategist from the Three Kingdoms era. As a woman both so beautiful and intelligent, Bai Ping attracts the attention of the undefeated warrior Chu Bei Jie (Wallace Chung), who falls in love with her at first sight. However, in a time when the Jin, Yan, Liang, and Qin states are all warring, the two lovers are more than just star-crossed; they’re likely fated to kill each other. Not to mention, the two also have more than a few secrets between them. What the general doesn’t know, is that the maid is a genius military strategist who once served He Xia (Sun Yi Zhou), sworn enemy of the undefeated Chu Bei Jie. Before they can open up their hearts, the general and the maid have to contend with the deception and conspiracies that are a requirement for geniuses living in such dangerous times. If they can look past that, Bai Ping Ting and Chu Bei Jie then have to contend with the fact that the world cannot see them together. Can the two find each other and look past the lies, or will the war between their kingdoms, and their minds, consume their love?

Known by the alternate titles “A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting To Be Appreciated” and “Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang,” General and I is based on the 2010 shoujo manhua of the same name, which is turn is based on a 2005 online novel by Feng Nong. The latest from director Ju Jue Liang, who fans will remember for his work on the stunning epic Ice Fantasy. The drama began filming in April 2016, prior to Angelababy’s much-publicized pregnancy and just a few months after her equally well-publicized wedding, both events that have garnered as much attention amongst netizens as the hotly-anticipated drama itself. General and I will debut on Hunan TV on January 03, 2017, and is expected to run for 62 episodes.

The extended cast for General and I includes Angela Yeung (Angelababy) as Bai Ping Ting, Wallace Chung as Chu Bei Jie, Gan Ting Ting as Princess Yao Tian, Sun Yi Zhou as He Xia, Yu Bo as Sima Hong, Qi Hang as Ze Yi, Madina Memet as Yang Feng Deng Sha as Consort Zhang, Cheng Hao Feng as Chancellor Zhang, Wei Bing Hua as Chu Mo Ran, Wang Tian Chen as Fan Lu, Zou Yang as Zui Ju, Hu Tian Ji as Dong Zhuo, Mu Le En as Lu Yi, Ma Cheng Cheng as Feng Yin, Zhang Yun as Chen Mu and Yu Rong Guang as He Sheng.

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