[MV] ZIA(지아) HAVE A DRINK TODAY(술 한잔해요 오늘)

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[MV] ZIA(지아) _ HAVE A DRINK TODAY(술 한잔해요 오늘)

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The famous sentimental ballad singer ‘ZIA’ who has shown the Color Project album of white, blue and black and got sympathy from female listeners is releasing the song ‘HAVE A DRINK TODAY’ on the first day of December,making the listeners to get soaked in the winter sentiments.

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今年、ホワイト、ブルー、ブラックのColor Projectアルバムをリリースして、別れに対する女性たちの共感を呼んだ韓国代表の感性バラード歌手‘ZIA(ジア)’が、12月の初日「一杯飲もうよ、今日」を発表してリスナーを冬の感性に酔わせる

올해 화이트, 블루, 블랙의 Color Project 앨범을 선보이며 이별에 대한 여성들의 공감을 자아낸 국내 대표 감성 발라더 ‘지아’가 12월의 첫 날 [술 한잔해요 오늘]을 발표하며 리스너들의 겨울 감성을 흠뻑 취하게 한다.

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