Animals With the STRONGEST Bite Force

08 Feb 2018 12:50 73
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From crocodiles, alligators and wild dogs… to lions, tigers, and great white sharks … here are 25 animals with the strongest bite force

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#8 Polar Bear (1235 psi)
Weighing more than 1500 pounds, Polar Bears can clamp down on their prey with a bite force of 1235 psi. Did you know these creatures are actually categorized as marine mammals … that’s due to their reliance on sea ice, where they hunt seals … and the fact that they are excellent swimmers, sometimes swimming for more than a week in freezing waters.

#7 Grizzly Bear (1250 psi)
While they have large canine teeth and incisors to go with them, their teeth are actually more suited to a vegetable diet. But the big, powerful animals are omnivorous, so they can shred meat with the best of them. Their bite force of 1250 psi is powerful enough to crush a bowling ball -- how’s that for a visual?

#6 Bull Shark (1250 psi)
Measured at 1250 psi, these animals have exhibited the most powerful bite force of any cartilaginous fishes yet examined. An extremely aggressive species, the Bull Shark can survive in both freshwater and saltwater environments. And along with the tiger shark and great white shark, it’s one of the three shark species most likely to attack humans.

#5 Silverback Gorilla (1300 psi)
Found in the subtropical forests of sub-Saharan Africa, adult males can reach almost 6 feet tall and weigh more than 600 pounds. With their powerful jaws, neck muscles and large canine teeth, these great apes can expert a bite force of 1300 psi. That’s kind of surprising since the big apes are vegetarians. But their jaws are adapted for chewing harder plants like bamboo. Did you know that after chimpanzees, gorillas are our closest living relatives? They even have individual fingerprints like humans!

#4 Hippo (1821 psi)
With fearsome ivory choppers like these, you’d expect hippos to exert a powerful bite. And they do, with a bite force of 1821 psi. The huge bottom canine and incisor teeth can reach close to 2 feet long, are self-sharpening, and never stop growing. For all that, the big mammals are herbivores, subsisting mainly on plants. But they are known to be bad tempered beasts, and can run up to 20 mph … so steer clear.

#3 American Alligator (2125 psi)
Imagine the surprise a family in Florida got when they found a 7 foot long female American alligator taking a few laps in their swimming pool! It didn't leave easily … members of the state fish and wildlife department struggled with the large reptile as it executed a fearsome deathroll in an effort to free itself. The animal was eventually taken away, and became something of an Internet sensation as video of its struggles went viral. Lucky for everyone involved with capturing this beast that no injuries were received. American Alligators have a crushing bite force of 2125 psi, one of the strongest in the animal kingdom.

#2 Nile Crocodile (5000 psi)
One of the most feared man-eaters in Africa, the Nile crocodile is responsible for hundreds of humans deaths every year. It would be a painful way to go … they have a bite force of 5000 psi, which comes in second on our list. Growing to more than 20 feet long and weighing up to 2,400 pounds, they are the world’s second largest living reptile after the saltwater crocodile. Looks like they get the runner up spot yet again.

The Piranha is synonymous with a powerful (and deadly) bite. In fact, the black piranha possesses one of the strongest bites of all vertebrates. It can actually demonstrate a force that is 30 times its body weight, which is unique in the animal kingdom. But to date, its exact bite force is a mystery.

Killer Whale/Orca (19,000 psi
In the case of the Orca, or Killer Whale, it’s proven thus far impossible to accurately measure their bite force. But experts have estimated the creatures could exert a force that exceeds 19,000 psi. That would be quite a bite, but for now it’s just speculation.

#1 Saltwater Crocodile (7700 psi)
The world’s largest living reptiles win first place in a number of categories … and they have a first place finish here, too … with a bite force of 7700 psi, it tops our list. Experts say that salties have the highest peak bite force recorded in any animal, while in a lab setting. Strangely, their jaws are very weak when it comes to opening their mouths … that’s why their jaws can be clamped shut with duct tape.

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