Bought By Many #LoveYourPetBetter - Shoe/Chips (15 secs)

31 Dec 2019 00:16 0
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Learn more at – At Bought By Many Pet Insurance, we know that loving your pet can sometimes be a little more complicated than you imagined. You never quite know what they will do next!

The Bought By Many TV ad follows Bella the dog through her mischievous day as she chews on a shoe, upsets a man in the park, chases a runner and finally steals some food. She does all this watched by her loving mum who loves her to bits, no matter what she gets up to.

Our super-cute star Bella (real life name also Bella) is a former Battersea dog with a fame-filled life. She is fresh from starring alongside Eddy Redmayne and Felicity Jones in film The Aeronauts and previously acted alongside Ben Whishaw and Hugh Grant in the TV mini-series A Very English Scandal.

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