We are Savvy - The Savvy Girl's Guide to Zombie Survival S2 (Ep 3)

01 Mar 2018 22:34 0
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Annie goes to Zombie Survival Camp where she learns Zombjitsu, shelter building and archery! But will she have to put her skills to the test? Zombies aren’t real. (Or are they?)

Back in the bedroom, Sarah and Spencer talk survival and dare to face “the EWWWW cube”. Arty Party takes a creepy turn when the girls use old doll parts, broken ceramic animal heads, and discarded toys to make mutant creatures. And a teen makeup artist makes herself over as a creepy pageant queen who will haunt your dreams.

MayBaby talks how to defend yourself against trolls (the online kind); and The Skory's fight off their Snack Attack using only foods that could be foraged from the woods.

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