Gravity Wave - World's Biggest, Longest & Tallest Proslide Wave - Funfields

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NEW Gravity Wave - Opening 21st Oct at Funfields.

LAUNCH into the WORLD'S BIGGEST, LONGEST & TALLEST ProSlide 'Wave': the GRAVITY WAVE only at Funfields! The 186-metre-long shuttle blasts off from a 26.8 metre high launch pad and will propel you into a galaxy of madness at velocities of up to 24 feet per second! Riders will experience absolute weightlessness, zero g-forces and lightyears of hangtime as they are shot up almost vertical Gravity Wave-wall!

With 200 litres of water per second powering streamlined tubes that can carry FOUR astronauts at a time, the GRAVITY WAVE is a space voyage you’ll never want to return from …
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