Study in Canada: a world for you at the University of Alberta!

06 Sep 2012 05:02 102
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There's a world waiting for you at UAlberta!

Study in Canada at the University of Alberta. In this video, international & Canadian students share their UAlberta experiences and will tell you about academics, scholarships, campus life, the Rocky Mountains, and more.
UAlberta is one of the world's top 100 universities, located in Edmonton, Alberta, in Western Canada. Come and choose from 200+ undergraduate and 170+ graduate programs at one of the country's top 5 universities!
UAlberta has more 3M professors than any other Canadian university, ranks 2nd in Canada for external research funding, and has unique programs that you won't find anywhere else in Canada (like undergraduate paleontology). On top of it all, UAlberta is home to Canada's National Institute of Nanotechnology, which is on the main campus.

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