My Owner Threw Me Away But the Miracle Happened (Part 1)

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Hey there! Today's video is a bit unusual. You're gonna hear Charlie's story. Oh, at first Charlie's life was just amazing! He had everything he needed - tasty food, a warm house, love. But one day everything changed. One day... No, let him tell you himself. By the way, Charlie's a dog.

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Charlie ends up on the street 0:20
Charlie meets other abandoned dogs 3:42
Charlie makes friends with a nice lady 5:57
... and finds a new house 7:15


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- It was just another ordinary day – I woke my humans up, had breakfast, and was about to take a nap when my best friend in the world, Jenny, said that we have to go.
- As I started sniffing around and looking for a fun stick to play with, Jenny jumped back in the car and quickly drove away.
- At that moment I realized that I should probably go back home on my own, so I started walking. It was getting even darker and colder, and I was really hungry.
- Some of the humans just gave me a weird look and walked around me, others tried to pet me – I felt so scared and overwhelmed by the whole thing that I ran and hid in the first alley I could find!
- To be honest, that was the most awful feeling in the world, and these two knew exactly how I felt. How could people we loved so much betray us like that?
- Me, Rocky, and Oscar became best friends. Every morning every single one of us went in different directions to find something good like food or something to keep us warm at night.
- One of our favorite spots to check for food was outside this little diner. Jenny and Michael sometimes went to places like that. One day a human lady noticed me waiting in the corner as she was throwing out some food.
- I kept going back to that diner, and I found out that this lady was named Alison and she was a cook there.
- One day, she looked at me and asked “Listen, buddy. Would you like to come live with me? You look like you really need a home.”
- Alison and I live in the same neighborhood as the alley I spent my nights in, so I sometimes see my old buddies, Rocky and Oscar. Unfortunately, they’re still out on the streets because they haven't met their Alison yet.

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