Smoothing 3D Printed Roll Cage With Milliput and Smooth-On XTC-3D

10 Sep 2017 08:01 10
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In this video I demonstrate a process for smoothing the surface of a 3D printed part using Milliput putty and Smooth-On XTC-3D. I use this process to smooth a PLA plastic roll cage printed on an FDM 3D printer.

One thing to note that I forgot to mention in the video is that the part will loose some fine detail and sharp edges after applying the XTC coating. Part of the reason I sand and use Milliput before using XTC is that using Milliput smooths larger imperfections and can be manipulated and sanded to preserve sharp edges and details. Once the part is sanded and Milliput is applied, I don't need to apply a very thick coat of XTC-3D, therefore better preserving sharp edges and details and still getting a nice smooth surface.

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