Ep.159 Catching Mud Crabs

13 Jun 2018 06:41 163
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Still in Cape Grenville and possibly a mud crab dinner?

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I am an Australian guy trying to live on a small footprint. I take in crew wherever I go and go where the wind takes me. I catch and gather food wherever I can.

I have no fridge or freezer, no oven, no aircon, no generator, no water heater, no watermaker ...

So if you want to see some interesting places and some interesting crew then follow me.


Music Credits:
Hooksounds - Positive Rock (www.hooksounds.com)
Markvard - Memories (www.soundcloud.comfreemusicforvlogs)
Scandinavianz - Vacation (www.soundcloud.comfreemusicforvlogs)

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