Which Cars Am I Keeping and Why?

08 Dec 2018 15:08 902
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With two new special cars on the horizon, which other cars am I keeping, which am I selling, and why? The Ford GT and McLaren Senna are both on their way to join the rest of the colourful crew in the garage but will anything move and shake in the mean time?

Joined by the McLaren 675LT Spider, Aston Martin Vantage GT8, Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition and Mercedes-AMG GT R, we pretty much have the team of brightly coloured skittles together! The Ford Focus RS Red Edition is over in my my home garage, but with the colours only getting crazier, I wonder what names we can come up with to refer to the whole fleet?

To fill the gap before the new Ford GT arrives, the GT Heritage hoodie (as I'm wearing in the video) and t-shirt have been added to the Shmee shop and you can find them here: https://shmee150.com/?s=GT+Heritage&post_type=product

In the not too distant future I'll also explain to you more about how it works to fund both the GT and Senna together, which I have done with Harrington Finance. The intention is that none of the current cars actually leave in the immediate future, only the AMG GT R will leave for the GT R PRO when the time comes for that. However, there are others on the way for 2019, as well as more long term loan cars that enable the opportunity to work more closely with manufacturers to bring exclusive content as a result.

Having not shot a Fuel For Thought piece in a while, do let me know if there are any particular topics you'd love to hear more about and I shall do my best.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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