Any Couple Needs a Break from Civilization

03 Aug 2018 05:57 546
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Nothing’s better than a weekend in the countryside! 😍
You're staying in a billion star hotel! A soft bed, comfy bathroom and high speed internet, however, are not included in the package.

There are also mosquitoes, mosquitoes and even more mosquitoes. 😅

When outdoors, though, those we are in love with appear even more attractive, our spirits fly sky high and we seek romance and adventures!

Take a seat by the campfire, roast a marshmallow and watch how sweet lovers Ava & Cado nail their weekend in the countryside. ❤️

Any couple in love who's spent a weekend outdoors will recognize themselves in our funny stories!

Tired of the dirty swimming pool? Go to the lake! 0:20
Off-roading was a big mistake. 0:50
Women always need way too much stuff. 1:09
We will get it done shortly… 1:25
Yep, darling, it’s just you, me, and the fresh air. 1:50
He’s a tough axe fighter. 2:05
Mosquito! 2:21
That’s awkward… 2:37
Oops, someone forgot the wood. 2:53
Who do you want to scare with that? 3:03
Damn! It looked so comfy! 3:34
There’s nothing healthier than food cooked outdoors. 3:54
Ooh, my juicy avocado, I adore her curves! 4:09
A campfire, marshmallows and…a kiss. 4:21
Wow! Hot scene. 4:31
When it’s too hot outside, and you can’t bear it anymore. 4:45
Oh my God, CIVILIZATION. 4:58

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