LaMelo Ball 1st Tournament VS D1 Competition! Keeps HIS Cool! Adidas MD Classic HIGHLIGHTS

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LaMelo Ball Had a Very Polarizing Weekend of AAU Basketball. The Internet Exploded after his Big Baller Team Lost by 50 points against Compton Magic in his first game of the Adidas Memorial Day Classic. LaMelo was heavily scrutinized after his team struggled and he only scored 15 points. He bounced back(Like Big Sean) and posted stat lines of 50, 40 and 35 points in the following 3 games(Not in that order) and he also showcased some flashes of brilliance even tho all of his mistakes were broadcasted to the world. LaMelo definitely proved he has star power as he brought out James Harden to come watch him play. Lavar Ball , Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Balls Father and coach of the Big Ballers was also in the Limelight this weekend after sporting an "Stay in YO Lane" T-Shirt after the White Girl Reporter incident. S/O Lavar tho for the ShoutOut, he real for that.


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