my after school routine

28 Nov 2016 03:24 631
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pls be proud of me for that "after school routine" text animation because i spent an entire day on it in after effects ;; anyways!! i tried to film something with a bit of a different twist to it, and i think i like it! omg capturing the different camera angles was so hard because i constantly had to check to make sure that my face was out of the angle ;u;
this was a highly requested video, so i hope you guys liked it!!

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things seen in this video:

backpack - old model of the northface borealis from 4 years ago
bed stuff - i have no clue
lamp - from korea
linnmon desk - from ikea
white mead five-star folder -
black lihit lab pen case -

faq ⇒

programs used ⇒ adobe premiere pro cs6, adobe after effects cs6

studyblr ⇒
studygram ⇒

music ⇒ a beautiful mess - ukiyo

the amazon links are affiliate links, so please order and buy from those links to help me out :') thank you!

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