14 Cutest Animals That Can Harm You

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Even though these animals are some of the world's most adorable creatures you should stay away you might get attacked or poisoned

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7. Platypus
The platypus is not only cute, it is also confusing. It looks like someone poorly mixed up a duck, otter, and beaver. The actual discovery of the animal was actually considered a hoax because of the animals ridiculous appearance. The adult male platypus is actually a deadly predator, though. Both of the sets of platypuses are born with ankle spurs but, the male animal is the only one that actually has venom. The venom is powerful enough to kill similarly sized animals but, it is largely non-lethal to humans. However, the venom can cause so much pain that it can be incapacitating. The effects of the poison can last for weeks or even months. The venom is believed to act as a deterrent against predators during mating season.

6. Blue Dragon
The Blue Dragon or Glaucus Atlanticus is a small blue sea slug. The dragon has an unusual shape and a beautiful and kind of looks like a supersized version of him could pop up in a Guillermo del Toro film. The dragon itself actually isn’t dangerous. The thing that makes this sea slug dangerous is its tendency to munch on poisonous prey and then store the poison for itself. Most commonly the dragon carries a jellyfish-like toxin that can be deadly to its predators and very, very painful to humans. The poison that the dragon stores can also be more deadly that the prey that it harvests it from because, the dragon stores the poison in a concentrated form.

5. Hedgehog
Hedgehogs are unconventionally adorable. They have cute faces and you kind of want to pet them. They even inspired an entire video game franchise. However, although not entirely deadly to humans, they can be a real pain in the ass. When they are threatened by predators, they roll up into a ball and protrude their famous quills. They can even stab predators with their quills. Although the quills aren’t poisonous, hedgehogs have been known to lick their quills and coat it with a scented froth that can carry a variety of diseases. The quills can spread infection and then that infection can lead to poison. The most common of the diseases is salmonella, of which they are believed to be a carrier.

4. Goliath Tarantula
That giant spider is actually an example of a Goliath Tarantula. They are not deadly to humans, with their bite being similar to a bee sting, you might just die of fright looking at one. The spider is considered one of the biggest on the planet and they have the ability to eat birds and rats. This one, however, looks like it belongs on that one weird friend's futon. You know who I’m talking about.

3. Swans
Swans are unique because they actually aren’t that threatening and are quite passive. Unless you threaten the swans young. Then they lose it. Birds are naturally very protective of their young but, swans are different because most birds can recognize when they are fighting a losing battle and they back off. The swan does not. It will fight relentlessly until the predator's death or its own. They have no hesitation and are mean as all hell. Swans have also been known to stand over its enemy and attempt to drown them. So bad news if you can’t swim. All that grace and it's just hiding a kamikaze killer instinct.

2. Hippopotamus
The hippo is one of the cutest animals on the planet. They just look like they would be good at cuddling. They reside in sub-Saharan Africa and they are semi-aquatic. They are also terrifying. They are aggressive in the extreme. They are fiercely territorial and even though they are surrounded by fierce predators, they’re largely left alone because they are scary. They group together and they are known to literally tear their prey apart. There have been instances of pride of lions joining together to attack a group of Hippos but the behavior is rare. There have even been instances of Hippo cannibalism. The cannibalistic behavior is mostly attributed to sickness, though. You wouldn’t want to meet a Hippo in a dark alley.

Chimps are adorable but, they are also terrifying as hell. Wild chimps are deadly, they have insane amounts of strength and they are hardwired to kill. The animal has a reputation of literally pulling people's faces off. They have also been known to steal and eat young children. The strength of the chimp has actually been exaggerated throughout history but, they still possess the strength of an adult male. Chimps have also been known to kill among other Chimps. Humans have largely humanized chimps and such, we don’t typically think of them as predators but, if you see one, you should probably stay away.

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