Dark Egg needs help Hatching

02 Jun 2019 09:06 22,321
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A little chick can't get out of her egg. If I don't help her, she won't make it.
I know, this is something I should not do because a lot can go wrong...

This dark egg is from a French species of chicken called 'Marans'. It is famous because the shell is so thick that salmonella bacteria can't get in... it also means that little Marans chicks have a hard time getting out during hatching.
So I kept a close look and intervened when the process was taking too long.
I love reading your comments.

Cameras used:
Canon EOSD7
I-Phone 6

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Resignation by Paul Mottram
Last man on earth by Luke Richards
Quiet Lament by Luke Richards

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Investigating Paolo by The Fly Guy Five

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