WP GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

12 Jul 2019 01:33 0
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Since GDPR came into force from May 2018, a lot of website owners are struggling to understand and implement it.

We recently launched a plugin that helps site owners comply with GDPR cookie policy. You can buy the WP GDPR Cookie Consent plugin here. (https://club.wpeka.com/product/wp-gdpr-cookie-consent/)

The WP GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin:

1. Saves you hours of effort by scanning your website for cookies

2. Categorizes cookies & allows you to create & edit cookies

3. Shows all cookie information to site visitors in a transparent way

4. Asks for explicit consent from website visitors

5. Stores the consent audit log

Get WP GDPR Cookie Consent plugin today and begin GDPR compliance.

BUY NOW - https://club.wpeka.com/product/wp-gdpr-cookie-consent/

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