Hummingbird Rescue and A Little Dog's Love -Gotta See this!

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Is this hummingbird dead or alive? I couldn't tell. After about 45 minutes, giving it nectar juice, a little love and care we found out! Yes. Very much alive indeed!

ATTENTION: After posting this video, I received a variety of different responses. Some were of praise for my love & care, and others not so much.
However, if you are like me during the time of recording, “ignorant to full behavior of hummingbirds” Which I think by the number of “positive response” I received about my experience, it tells me most people clearly know very little about hummingbirds.
If you come across a hummingbird in this condition, before you begin "thinking" it's dead or sick and before you try to help; it might be best left alone. Call a local animal shelter asap
Thanks to a few but very concerned and loving attentive experts in the field of hummingbirds I have become more educated, and even more aware of the birds, their habitats, and behavior.

I captured the recording of this video using my cell phone, I did my best. Hopefully the edit made a small difference to the viewer experience.
You can see an improved version of this video by clicking link here

Learn More: How You Can Help Hummingbirds, and other Birds from Extinction Please visit The Audubon Society.

The bird is actually a regular in our yard, who guards the feeders and warns off any other hummingbirds.

How to care for a hummingbirds:

1: Do NOT use dyes or store bought hummingbird food
2: Feeders should ALWAYS be cleaned with HOT water and a baby bottle brush used only for the feeders. Make sure the feeder is free of mold, mildew, bugs, and anything dark.
Do NOT add soap, detergents, or chemicals of any kind during cleaning. These things can make the birds very sick! You can use
full-strength white vinegar
3. Make hummingbird nectar from scratch using 1C. cane sugar, to 4C. water. Make small quantities at first until you get to know how much the hummingbirds in your yard will consume.
1 part sugar to 4 parts water. so try 1/2 C. sugar, to 2C. water is a good starting point.
Do NOT store extra hummingbird nectar for longer than 1 week in the frig. Make sure all storage bottles are clean and free of chemicals too!
4. Be sure to put hummingbird and ALL bird feeders up high, and away from fences. Don't put them too low to the ground where cats easily reach them. Cats wont actually eat hummingbirds they just play and mall them to death.
5. Be sure to water your flowers, and plants that hummingbirds migrate towards. This is the best for source of food for hummingbirds.
Other sources of information for hummingbirds:

More about Hummingbirds:
Where do hummingbirds sleep ?

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