Gaddam Gang Raja Sekhar's Simharasi Telugu Full Length Movie || DVD Rip || Raja Sekhar

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Gaddam Gang Raja Sekhar's Simharasi Telugu Full Length Movie || DVD Rip || Raja Sekhar


Narasimha Raju (Raja Sekhar) is a simple living multimillionaire of a village near Rajahmundry. He has no weakness and treats all the women like his sisters and takes care of them by bearing all the expenses. He owns a set of establishments like colleges, hospitals, and industries on the name of Nagamma. He never sits in a chair and always sleeps on the floor, wears a normal khaddar dress and eats normal food. He commands the respect and reverence of the entire village.

The constituency in which Narasimha Raju lives is having the distinction of electing only independent candidates. The candidate supported by Raju will have to sign on a bond paper that they will resolve all the problems faced by the village after getting voted to the office. If they fail to do so, they would be subjected to physical disability.

Vijayendra Prasad is an established minister from the neighboring town. He wants to contest for the elections from Raju's constituency and asks him for the support. Vijayendra Prasad gets offended when he was asked to sign on the bond papers. He challenges Raju that he will win in the elections without the support of Raju and eventually gets humiliated in the elections without getting deposit.

The rest of the story is about the Raju's flash back and reasons behind his simplicity and of course about a one-sided love from Rajeswari (Saakshi Sivanand). Then Vijayendra Prasad enters again in the climax to have a fight and get defeated by Raju. You got to watch this film on the silver screen to know why Raju has become such a sage with streaks of wilderness.

Genre: Action/Sentiment
Cast: Raja Sekhar, Saakshi Sivanand
Music: SA Raj Kumar
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Photography: Shyam K Naidu
Screenplay & Direction: V Samudra
Theatrical Release Date: 6th July 2001

Star Cast:

Raja Sekhar: Simharasi, Allari Priyudu, Evadaithe Nakenti, Gorintaku, Patta Pagalu, Ankusam, Shrutilayalu, Repati Pourulu, Seshu, Ravanna, Aahuthi, Aagraham, Nayakudu, Pratighatana, Talambralu, Aradhana, Gangmaster, Neeku Naaku Pellanta, Gaddam Gang, Nandu, Aayudham, Balarama Krishnulu, Vande Mataram, Raja Babu, Satyameva Jayate, Naya Anubhav, Naa Styley Veru

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