Mobile Auto Bodywork & Paint Job (fixing a dent with a uni-spotter)

29 Oct 2015 01:21 3,349
23,440 2,545

Ever since I turned off the comments I kept receiving posts and even emails asking me to turn them back on again – so here they are. I had disabled them because of so many haters who are obviously too inept to read this comment section before watching the video. So here again the reason for my questions and the format of this video showing a paint-job that was done on October 25, 2015: The video is meant to be a teaching video that shows and explains what is happening by means of questions and answers. Before Gerald and I made this teaching video we discussed how we should do it: Whether he would constantly be talking and explaining what he does, or whether we should do an interview style where I would keep asking questions to which he would respond. We decided to go the second route. So back off haters!
For all those who are still annoyed by my questions, please keep in mind that the idea was to ask the kinds of questions that someone might have who has never done this kind of work before. The questions are meant as prompts for Gerald to help someone who is new to this to learn from Gerald’s answers and better understand what he is doing in each of the steps.

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