The Lineage of Yahshua (Jesus Christ) and the story it tells W/ Ryan Sullivan @8pm CST

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Does the lineage of Yahshua (Jesus Christ) tell a story? We are joined with Ryan Sullivan who shares this awesome connection!

Join us live EVERY Friday (here on Youtube) at 8:00 PM Central time (CST) as we glorify our Heavenly Father YHWH first and foremost and discuss topics necessary for the Body of Jesus Christ (Yahshua) to learn and grow in. We discuss the hard topics not being taught in "churches" today. Unless YHWH builds this "virtual house", it is built in vain-
Psalm 127

All glory to YHWH, creator of Heaven, and Earth and ALL things contained therein, through Yahshua (Jesus Christ)

Ryan Sullivan's Channel

My partner and brother Justin (Co-Host)
Christian Truthers - The Bible I read from; Uses the restored sacred names and includes the books found in the Dead Sea Scrolls (Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, 2nd Esdras etc..)
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We are an online gathering (or church if you prefer) that discusses Salvation through Jesus Christ alone! - Yahshua Ha Mashiach, YHWH, Holy spirit, Holy Ghost, The Bible, Heaven, Rapture (harpazo), Exodus, 2nd Exodus, staying occupied, Righteousness, holiness, love, grace, faith, nephilim, Giants, demons, flat earth, enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, other apocrypha, dead sea scrolls, truth, truther topics, 9-11, Israel, Rothchild, Illuminati, Masons, Fake Jews and pretty much any other topics that should be discussed in the pulpits of America but are not.

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