360 Final Fight - EMC MONKEYS

01 Aug 2015 02:27 239
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Cody, Guy and Hagar rescues Jessica in a 360 Final Fight style video! They get ambushed as they battle their way to Poison!

Oh no Jessica's been kidnapped!
It is now up to our 3 heroes Cody, Guy and Hagar to save her!
Experience the action in this new experimental 360 video
where you control what you see!


-If watching on computer; use the little thingy at the top left
of the screen, with the arrows, to move the camera around or use the mouse to drag the image around. SIMPLE :D

-If watching on your phone; Just move your phone around! The video utilizes the
motion tracking ability of your phone, allowing you to physically move the camera. AMAZING RIGHT?!!?!? :D

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Cody - Steven O'Young
Guy - Tony Sre
Hagar - Robert Dill
Jessica - Amy Sturdivant
Poison - Katelyn Brooke

Narayan Cabral
Jeff Mayfield
Tommy Leng
Malay Kim
Jesse Jacobson
Paolo Ongkeko

Special Thank You to:
Nathan Kitada
Tom Small

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