Long landing in snow with RC glider, Swiss Alps

09 Feb 2014 15:00 1
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The history of a flight in the Swiss Alps at the 31.12.13. Look at our website: http://flying4nature.com/
00:00 SETTING the glider
02:15 WALK to the start place
03:50 START
06:30 FLYING
11:00 LANDING (a long long landing...)
11:30 RESCUE the glider
14:30 COMMENTS of the PILOT
Plane: BETA 2.3m Topmodel CZ / Location: Jeizinen VS-CH / Onboard cam: GoPro HERO 3 Silv. Ed. / Pilot: Lorenzo of flying4nature's team
Look the same flight with flycam: http://youtu.be/hjMvMuGN4sQ
FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/114534096@N08/
WEBSITE / BLOG: http://flying4nature.com/

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