Neighbor Buys Huge Trailer Across Street, Tells Me: "Move Your Mailbox!"

07 Jun 2018 07:34 707
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HELP FELLOW CAMPERS and RVers! This relatively new neighbour across the street who just bought himself an expensive new 30' long travel trailer, to fit in his spiffy custom RV garage ( the only one in the entire sub-division). He's across the street from me (and we have barely talked since he moved in.) He's pulling this behemoth via a huge F250 pickup. All toll, he is probably near 60' long. Recently, we had "words" because he thought it was fine to use and "marked up" my property (without even asking) to help him "line-up" with his garage. He tracked my freshly powerwashed concrete driveway full of ugly black tire marks, didn't apologize, and then told me I HAD TO MOVE MY MAILBOX... which is on the OTHER SIDE of the street from his property. Yes, Not even a PLEASE. To be kind, I have agreed to do it... (to keep piece) and took pity on him... but now am regretting it. Please kindly give me some advise on how I should accommodate this new camper! Should I go ahead with the mailbox move? You decide! I want to be a "good neighbor", but I don't like getting effed in the a*s to be one! What should I tell this dude? HELP!

Corrections: Note. YouTube has DISABLED captions on videos for some reason. at 6:14, I mis-speak, in the summary saying "driveway" when I mean MAILBOX, sorry.

UDATE: 10/01/2018 - I ended up never moving the mailbox. He was acting like a total jerk on another neighborhood issue and I told him, "he did not deserve to have it moved". He called me a child. I laughed. He did manage to learn how to back that darn thing up at an angle and stick it back in his garage. I was impressed! He hardly used the trailer - now it is already up for sale. I think he'll probably move out soon.

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