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Hi! I am writing this updated caption on Friday, November 16th. I am very aware of the hateful comments that have accrued on this page, and I am purposefully leaving the comment section open to learn about the anger, while keeping myself open and vulnerable to the lessons I'll learn. I am also very appreciative of the loving comments that are peppered in here. lol. That does not go unnoticed.

When I uploaded this video, I was focused on peace and creating harmony amongst the strangers I recruited to sing with me. This song is not about gun control. This is an emotional reaction to massive amounts of innocent people dying, and my attempt to bring strangers together to create harmony. I in fact have friends who live lifestyles that include gun ownership. I also have friends who have lost family members to mass shootings. I do not claim to know the solutions. I only claim to know that communication, empathy, and love will help us be better to each other.

To witness people attack something so quickly without truly understanding what we're communicating here is a learning lesson for me, and further deepens my desire to deeply listen to others, and to continue putting out music in hopes to add light to this world. Hey, you could also just simply not like the song! That is not lost on me, either. I invite all to dislike or like me or my music. That's how I live my best, truest life.

My belief in love and community has not been faltered by the hate on this page. In fact, the hate further motivates me to spread love. From all the haters and lovers who have visited this page, I send you all love. Period.



To the man who constructively commented that I didn't provide an outlet for action, thank you. Here it is:

If you are looking for a way to actively work towards positive change, I can offer my small part in the global movement towards peace.

I believe that inner peace and storytelling is a way to help open minds and hearts. We cannot achieve peace in our communities without facing our own pain, and also feeling heard.

I started the #icantkeepquiet fund to empower survivors, young women, and a Los Angeles artist community that empowers people of color, and the LGBTQ community. Find more information about it at If these causes don't quite align with your calling, I encourage you to keep searching, or even share the organizations that you're passionate about in the comment section below. Thank you!


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