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04 Jun 2016 01:44 730
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Last Sunday’s star gets a Stig-shaped shakedown on track in our 360-degree vid! Note: this will only work in Google Chrome.

The Ariel Nomad is quite bonkers. If you watched last Sunday’s show, you’ll know it has an excellent capacity to outrun villainous drunken puppets and a man called Dave.

Turns out it’s equally rapid on track, too. Chris Harris showed you on Extra Gear last Sunday, but now, you can ride onboard with The Stig during one of his very, very hot laps in the Nomad.

Hit play above, and then toggle the cursor around to get a full 360-degree view of Stig’s attempt in the Ariel Nomad.

Though, if you’re a real car fiend, you’ll spend the entire lap just watching Stig’s footwork. Some say, he has to take his shoes off with an Allen key…

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