Buzzers, A Sex Tape Hoax, And Lies In The Indonesian Elections

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As Indonesia gears up for its April 17 general election, #PilPres2019, with incumbent  President Joko Widodo facing off against General Prabowo Subianto – smear campaigns and hoaxes – powered by anonymous buzzers – have been on the rise.

Cyber Drone 9, the government’s sentinel against their likes, detected 175 serious hoaxes in January 2019 alone. One victim of a malicious buzzer: The gung-ho female, millennial leader of Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI), Grace Natalie.


In June 2018, a Twitter user going by the handle "Hulk" claimed to have a sex tape of Grace having an affair with the former Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, or Pak Ahok. The rumour spread like wildfire among Indonesian netizens, who have one of the world’s lowest digital literacy rates.  When the police could make no headway, Grace fought back on social media and challenged "Hulk".

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