GTA Online Grinding To $816 Million Legitimately And Helping Subs

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I am a hardcore GTA grinder but I am also very helpful towards other players. I am anti tryhard, anti griefer.I am very against cheating and always trying to make helpful videos. I make guides for people ranging from making money in my playlists to vehicle reviews to top lists, etc. I do livestreams usually on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays EST US time afternoon.READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE FOR ALL NEW VIEWERS
FAQ-1.I do not ignore questions unless they are stupid. If I do not read your question right away do not think I am ignoring you there are many comments on the screen at once.
2. I am not a modder I am an all legit player. If you want to know how I get so much money watch my money guides under playlists
4. The PlayStation community is TheProfessional ( Youtube ) Fan army

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