Tina Moore - Never Gonna Let You Go 1995 (album version)

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From Tina's Superb selftitled debut album 1995

With 6 Michael J. Powell Productions the remix of this song became a dancefloor filler from 1997 on.

Albumreview by Alex Henderson

Many of the urban contemporary singers who made their recording debuts in 1995 went out of their way to be as hip-hop as possible, but not Tina Moore. Instead of emulating Mary J. Blige or the members of TLC and En Vogue, Tina Moore favors more of an "Anita Baker meets Whitney Houston" approach on this self-titled debut album. Six of the ten tracks were produced by Michael J. Powell (who is known for his work with Baker), including the melancholy single "Color Me Blue." Definitely a gem, "Color Me Blue" is the best thing on the CD, although her remake of Harry Warren's "At Last" runs a close second. Unfortunately, Moore didn't have another label to go to when her relationship with Scotti Bros. ended, and six years later, she had yet to provide another full-length album.

source allmusicguide

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