Happy Birthday in the Styles of 10 Classical Composers (COMPILATION)

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During the past 2 years, I've covered these 10 classical composers in my "How to Sound Like" series. Each episode was uploaded on or around the composers' birthdays, and I dissected the characteristics of their music to construct versions of Happy Birthday in their styles. This is a fun, celebratory, and educational exercise, and in no way am I claiming that the authenticity of these versions is anything more than sincere attempts at trying to understand the intricacies of each composer. Please keep that in mind, and enjoy!

➡ All of the sheet music to these arrangements can be found here: https://bit.ly/30ntpZQ
(*I am planning to make a compilation of the 10 soon)

➡ Full episodes can be found in this playlist: https://bit.ly/2RvaXur

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