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Reality.Escape.and.A.Lack.of.Madness Episode 3: Fraternization

Since Yeelon escaped, and was not defeated, Kelzad's task remained unfinished. Zalmamdar had crafted a new weapon that Kelzad should use to wipe out Yeelon and his demonic servants, so Kelzad can end his terror.

Zalmamdar's Nexus group broke off from the A.A.H.W, resulting in the agency's death, and they fraternized, to go on a mission to save the High from the Employers. Zalmamdar is now the leader of the remaining A.A.H.W. agents.


Seriously, guys, thanks for supporting me and my group's successful YouTube channel over the last couple of years! Though, I'll take a break from Madness, there will still be an incident coming up this christmas. But you can still expect the conclusion on MD17.
Anyway, happy Madness Day!

EDIT 27/02:
This isn't the end...

Previous episode:
Animation by Kelzad

Music by Djjaner

As usual, thanks to Clatform for making the Newgrounds tank intro:

Background story:

(18120 frames, 10 min 48 secs)

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He now domains Nevada, He controls Aten, He is Sokar...

(Madness Combat belongs to Krinkels:

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