Let's Watch Mr. Reachboth Soriayakay's Talkshow About Hot News from Cambodia Today

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Hello all viewers,

I'm so glad to see you come to visit my YouTube channel Cambodia Top News. I decided to create this Channel for sharing and offering all of you the important event that happening in Cambodia, and also in order to upload the most recently videos hot news in the part of Cambodia political issues are recently happens. I hope you all will wait to see what I share and also SUBSCRIBE my channel to get the latest hot news daily update.

The main purposes
We want to let people all over the world know everything from Cambodia such as: culture, historical, political news, lifestyle and more other important things.

About my qualities
We offer you the highest quality of videos. The mostly of my videos are HD, so you can see its very clearly. We try to make and design as good as I can.
My last request, Maybe you can come to my channel and give me some feedback and subscribe for daily videos?

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Thank you for taking time to watch my videos.
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