MKS 180 / F-126 Saxony Class Frigate

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MKS 180, Mehrzweckkampfschiff 180, Saxony Class Frigate

German navy has invited bidders for new frigate program MKS 180. Program is valued at nearly $5 bn. for up to 6 large 8000 tons frigates..

The German MoD plans to invite international bidders for a contract of four ships worth EUR3.9 billion with an option for two more units. The German Navy expects the new ships to enter service by the beginning 2023, with the last two optional units entering service after 2030.
Current plans call for the MKS 180 class to be about 8,000 tonnes displacement with a core crew of 100 personnel plus on-board capacity for an additional 70 mission-specific personnel. The entire concept of the new class of ships revolves around mission modularity, allowing the navy to tailor each ship to specific tactical and operational needs through modules.

However, unlike F125 Frigates, MKS 180 will emphasise force projection as well as modular design capability, with ASW modules and sonars being integrated with all 6 units.
BAE System with a Type 26 Frigate is one of the potential bidders for the program and German MOD is also keen to examine the ship, Type 26 is a front runner for Australian Frigate program for 9+3 Frigates valued at $8 billion. And UK has already placed an order for first 8 frigates with potential additional order for four or five more warships.
F125 due to limited capability isn’t ideal for MKS 180 program, however German Luerssen Group is already proposing some more substantive ideas and designs in form of A400 Frigate, which is larger than F125 Frigate, more capable and designed for long endurance missions.

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